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Tuckpointers, Crack Chasers and Cup Grinders

tuckpointers crack chasers and cup grinders
Supreme Tuckpointers:

Our Top-of-the-Line tuckpointer for Removing Mortar in Brick Work, Crack Chasing and Re-Cutting Expansion Joints

Premium Tuckpointers:

For Removing Mortar in Brick Work, Crack Chasing, and Re-cutting Expansion Joints

Crack Chasers (V-Shaped):

Special 45 Degree V-Shaped Segment. All Wheels Have 3/8" Thickness and 1/2" Segment Height

Cup Grinding Wheels:

For Grinding Concrete Floors and Walls, Removing Form marks, Smoothing Imperfections. For Epoxy and Resin Removal, use our Swirl Cup.

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